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The PrivateEmailAddress object

Private Email Address object represent your private email. You can use them to forward messages to your true email. Use them to protect your online accounts, and you can receive only the messages you want in your inbox.


id (int) The object id

address (string) The alias of this email

subdomain (string) The subdomain of this email

domain (string) The root domain of this email

full_address (string) Full private email address

enabled (bool) This email is enabled or not

description (string) The description of this private email

created_time (float) The created time of this object (timestamp seconds)

updated_time (float) The latest updated time (timestamp seconds)

block_spam (bool) Turn on block spam feature or not

num_forwarded (int) The number of forwarded emails

num_replied (int) The number of replied emails

num_spam (int) The number of blocked spam emails

Example object

"id": 1,
"address": "mycustomalias",
"enabled": false,
"block_spam": true,
"description": "",
"created_time": 1657159423.0,
"updated_time": 1663832574.0,
"num_forwarded": 1,
"num_blocked": 0,
"num_replied": 0,
"num_spam": 0,
"domain": "",
"subdomain": null,
"full_address": "[email protected]"